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    Build landing pages FAST – no html required!

    • Use our Visual Editor to quickly create beautiful landing pages
    • Choose from existing templates and customize as needed
    • Manage campaigns efficiently with our advanced CMS
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    Generate and deliver high performance Lead data

    • Use customizable form mechanics to generate more leads
    • Integrate 3rd party data to pre-populate and optimize offer content
    • Deliver data real time in any format (email, excel, POST/GET and more)
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    Get actionable lead data and reduce fraud

    • Use Tools to measure intent: CAPTCHA, DOI, SMS verify and more...
    • One click Fraud checks include PostIdent, Credit, IP/Location and more...
    • Proof data real time before automatically delivering to end client
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    Actionable Analyics to reduce Costs

    • Reduce affiliate costs by automatically rejecting low quality leads
    • Easily integrate 3rd party conversion tracking tools to accelerate campaign optimisation
    • Use drill down reporting & insights to further optimize campaign results
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    Increase campaign ROI

    • Reduce bounce rates by showing relevant campaign content to visitors
    • Improve end-to-end campaign insights by integrating advertiser results

for Advertisers

Get campaigns online faster

Campaigns can be online in as little as 15 minutes.

Decrease fraud costs

Verify data in real time, quickly identify high/low ROI traffic.

Focus on improving Campaign results

Centrally manage your campaigns and leave the tech stuff to us. Reduce technical and personal costs.

for Agencies

Reduce personal costs

Improve and standardize work flows with an integrated solution.

Enhance your Brand

White label our solutions and include them in your offerings.

Automated mass marketing

Use our tools to automate landing page creation & management for large clients with hundreds or thousands of landing pages.

for Ad Networks

Enable more Revenue and Protect CPM's

Run Performance and Branding simultaneously without fear. Limit external insight into your eCPM earnings.

Get paid for Quality

Deliver leads that are pre-verified and provably valuable.

Increase Yield

Our tracking helps your existing Adserver to optimise better, faster.

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Name: RevenuPath
Deutschland GmbH
Location: Regensburg
Adress: Im Gewerbepark 25c
93059 Regensburg
Company Directors: Managing Director Trent Greenland and Peter Gruber
Contact: Phone: +49 941 569 588 0
Fax: +49 941 569 588 99
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Regensburg
Registernummer: HRB 11577
Copyright: Whilst we do like to share, no portion of our website or the associated content properties may be reproduced, or otherwise used without explicit written permission from RevenuPath GmbH. All relevant (and even irrelevant) rights are reserved.
Liability: We do our best to provide you with the most up to date and entertaining content, however we are unable to assume liability for the accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. We do however assume full responsibility in cases of gross negligence. We reserve the right to alter, update or delete any content at any time. Of course, we can't assume any liability whatsoever for external websites that you may happen to visit as a result of clicking on a link that directs away from our websites, and hereby distance disassociate ourselves from external websites.
Privacy Policy: We take user privacy very seriously, and strive to earn the trust of every internet visitor who visits our web properties. To make this, we'd like to openly explain our policies in regards to the following:
  • Which information do we collect?
  • How is the information used?
Users may visit our web properties without needing to provide personal information. Name, address or other personal data is not required. Should a user decide nevertheless to provide his/her details, it will be securely handled with respect to the relevant Data Protection legislation. Upon user registration, a password and user name may be provided, with the explicit purpose of protecting the identity of the individual user and the general community.

Upon written request RevenuPath will delete all private and personal data as soon as possible.  Personally identifiable user data will never be provided to external third parties without the explicit request and consent of the individual user.

While collecting general visitor information, we work hard to ensure that it does not contain personally identifiable details. This anonymised data is used to identify trends that enable us to better serve our users.